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TITLE : Cracking The Can

I also know why my original estimate for cracking the can was so far off the can is smaller than the balloon by a factor of 10 and at higher pressure by a factor of 10 or more but the stored energies arent close to being the same because sugar and water are not compressible and dont store any energy i should have only considered the gas volume in the canthe only thing separating the public and the officially opened spam museum was a spam print ribbon decorated with a multi colored can label bow but with the slice of an extra large pair of we like beer but sometimes its just not worth cracking the can open enter non alcoholic craft beers a surprisingly attractive option for people choosing to forego booze here us out okaycracking the can open and smelling the aroma reminded me of my cna days changing diapers in the nursing home the beer actually smells like a urine soaked diaper sitting on a piping hot radiator i actually was hoping that i would lose my sense of smell so i wouldnt be able to taste this beer as muchever so slightly hazy golden and peach coloured body with a off white head that is large upon cracking the can but dies down immediately after pouring into the glass

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