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TITLE : Japanese Pharmacopoeia

Nb the japanese pharmacopoeia drugs are to be tested according to the provisions given in the pertinent monographs general notices general rules for crude drugs general rules for preparations and general tests for their conformity to the japanese pharmacopoeiasee the general notices 5the japanese pharmacopoeia seventeenth edition jp17 japaneseenglish notification 06 mb contents preface general noticesjp16th edition march 24 2011 the mhlw ministerial notification no65 download jp16th edition texts by section for smaller size texts jp16th edition erratathe japanese pharmacopoeia is the official pharmacopoeia of japan it is published by the pharmaceuticals and medical devices agency the japanese pharmacopoeia sixteenth edition jp16 japaneseenglish the latest version of the japanese pharmacopoeia the 17th edition is available

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