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TITLE : Radiology Syllabus

4 part ii radiology course contents 1 musculo skeletal system 2 respiratory system 3 cardiovascular system 4 gastrointestinal systemsyllabus rad 851 diagnostic radiology updated 62014 welcome to the 4 th year elective in diagnostic radiology one of the most dynamic medical specialtiesimages in radiology sagittal fse t2 weighted mr image in a 10 year old girl with rapidly progressive limb weakness shows swelling and hyperintensity of the cervical spinal cord and posterior brain stem providing sufficient evidence to support the diagnosis of acute flaccid myelitis per cdc criteria ertl wagner et alradiology radionuclide diagnostics and radiotherapy examination syllabus i radiology 1 x rays properties of x rays the x ray image 2 x ray tube production of x rayssyllabus diagnostic radiography first year subjects and number of hours anatomy physiology and pathology 120 hours physics general physics 160 hours

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